Republicans Playing Games About Light Bulbs

Lightbulb bill likely headed for defeat in House.

The Better Use of Light Bulbs Act, H.R. 2417 would end federal bulb standards passed in 2007 that Republicans have since held up as a prime example of federal overreach. House Republicans brought up the bill under a suspension of the rules, which requires two-thirds of voting members to support it.

This is yet another example of how Republicans pretend to our faces that they represent us, while collaborating behind our backs with Democrats to screw us.

Republicans have a comfortable majority in the House. If they wanted the lightbulb  ban to go away, they would introduce a measure to do so and pass it with a simple majority. Instead they introduced a measure which requires a two-thirds majority, knowing that Democrats would defeat it.

I hope Americans are not as gullible as Republicans believe us to be.


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No More Gore [in the news]

The Failure of Al Gore: Part One.

Few celebrity cause leaders have had more or better publicity than Gore has had for his climate advocacy. Hailed by the world press, lionized by the entertainment community and the Global Assemblage of the Great and the Good as incarnated in the Nobel Peace Prize committee, he has nevertheless seen the movement he led flounder from one inglorious defeat to the next. …

The state of the global green movement is shambolic. …

It is hard to think of any recent failure in international politics this comprehensive, this swift, this humiliating. Two years ago almost every head of state in the world was engaged with Al Gore’s issue; today the abolition of nuclear weapons looks like a more hopeful cause than the drafting of an effective international treaty that will curb carbon emissions even a little bit.

Something happened about two years ago, something unrelated to the economy. What was it? Something about emails, perhaps? Oh, yes: Climategate.

Funny how that works (too bad it doesn’t work that way more quickly and more often). A hypocritical con artist is exposed as such, and now no one pays him any attention. What a shame.

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They’re said to only care about themselves. So why do they toil for other people’s freedom?

A QUESTION ABOUT LIBERTARIANS: They’re said to only care about themselves. So why do they toil for other people’s freedom?.

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This isn’t at all difficult. Robert Heinlein explained it more than fifty years ago:

Political tags – such as royalist, communist, democrat, populist, fascist, liberal, conservative, and so forth – are never basic criteria. The human race divides politically into those who want people to be controlled and those who have no such desire.

Libertarians are the second sort, and they understand that allowing others’ freedom to be diminished will in time cost them their own.

Justice Dept Inspector General to investigate Gunwalker?

Holder has ordered the Justice Department inspector general to investigate — but all available evidence points to Washington, not the local ATF bureau, as being responsible for this fiasco.

via The gang that couldn’t sting straight.

Holder has nothing to fear. The inspector general knows he’ll be fired if he finds anything:

The White House Fires a Watchdog

Third Inspector General Fired By Obama

What we need here is an independent prosecutor. Expecting the Justice Dept. to investigate the Justice Dept. is just plain stupid.